It’s futuristic design has made the Quantum headgear popular in some parts of the martial arts. The protector looks like a helmet from science fiction movies like Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars. It is widely distributed by independent retailers and online providers like Amazon. While not officially approved by any major sanctioning body or organization it can be seen often in gyms and some martial arts tournaments.


The headgear is light and easily adapts to the skull with a double velcro on the back of the head and below the chin. Three sizes are sufficient to cover the scope of sizing for most adults. It absorbs hard blows as well as occasional hits. Some reviews praise it for its ventilation and design. The Quantum XP comes with cheekbone protection, the Quantum RV without. Field of vision is having minor impairments.

Ferdinand Mack

German kickboxer Ferdinand Mack wearing the Quantum XL headgear during an exhibition fight against Don Wilson.

The headgear is made up of two materials, a semi-rigid outer shell and a softer inner layer. No scientific testing results from independent sources are available. It would be interesting to see those. On the downside the Quantum headguard increases the size of the head as a target by wider margins than most other headgears. Therefore it may not be suitable for sparring with continuously hard and intense contact like elite boxing or fullcontact kickboxing. It is still a good piece of equipment that should be mentioned honorably as it exceeds the performance of average equipment.