During a recent visit to South Florida we were able to take a peek inside the Heavyweight Factory, a gym favored by professional boxers. It has been newsworthy in the past years as it was used as the base of Heavyweight World Champion Wladimir Klitchko who setup his training camp here ahead of his many successful title defenses. Today, the gym is frequented by many great talents, among them Ivan Dychoko, a two time Olympic Bronze medalist and newly turned professional boxer. Dychko wants to become a contender for the heavyweight world title within the next two years and trains under Rick Mandris, a former assistent coach of legendary trainer Angelo Dundee. Dychko’s record stays at 5-0 at this time.

Ivan Dychko

As many heavyweight boxers Dycho prefers a sparring head guard with cheek bone protection.

The sparring session with an unnamed training partner das been aimed at scoring the initial hit after closing in. Contact was light and pressure medium. According to trainer Rick Mandris it is important for an upcoming contender to learn domination of the fight and his opponent. Dychko is doing pretty well in control. With former champions Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe cheering for him he is a guy to watch out for.

Cheeck bone protectors are the most popular feature of sparring head guards used by professional heavyweight fighters. They protect from facial injuries such as cuts and broken noses. Since most guys fight with the aim to avoid getting hit they don’t exactly count on the headguard to take them through gym wars. Better train smart and cultivate the art.

The Heavyweight Factory

One of the finest pro gyms: The Heavyweight Factory. Three rings, various heavy bags include a Aqua bag, speed and punching balls combined with a section for fitness and weights.

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