Today, one of the biggest sponsors of professional fighting events such as One Championships, Thailand based Fairtex is probably the most widely known Asian fighting gear brand on the globe. Its gloves are made from finest leather selections, flashy and fashionable printed and manufactured with high quality craftsmanship. Fairtex goods are sold in plush high-end malls around the world apart from retail sports and gyms. The company has excellent maketing skills.
Fairtex head guards are used in Muay Thai gyms on a beginner level. There are two different models.

Sparring Model made from Microfibre

The M1 model is a basic sparring headguard with lightweight padding and soft, artificial leather. It doesn’t impair vision as much as other models. The material is rather sticky and offers little absorption for sweat. It’s a good choice for beginners who want to go 2 or 3 rounds sparring at a time.
Product source: Fairtex M1 Headguard

Facesaver Muay Thai Helmet

The futuristic Darth-Vader-design of this full face protection headguard is popular with Nak Muay who fear getting hit on their nose or mouth like injured fighters, celebrities and beautiful fashion models. This Fairtex Muay Thai helmet will keep them safe from busted lips, bruised eye brows and may even protect their noses during light sparring as the front section is stabilized with a metal plate according to the product specs. On the downside, vision is very limited and many attacks may land before they can be defended against. The increased surfacse will provide additional target areas and wearers of this headgear may suffer from brain injuries due to rotational forces caused by hits that would otherwise miss the target.
Product source: Full Face Protection headgear

In addition Fairtex manufactures competition kickboxing headguards with leather surface that look similar to amateur boxing headguards, but so far they have neither passed safety checks nor been approved by the Olympic boxing organisation.

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